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What is the Children's Disability Register?

The Register holds details of children and young people under 25 years of age who have a permanent and substantial disability or long term health condition, including those awaiting a diagnosis and those who have disabilities but no diagnosis. Joining the Register is completely voluntary. Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City Councils have a duty to develop and maintain a register.

So why should I join?

Everyone who joins the Register receives regular copies of the IRIS Magazine delivered to their home. If you prefer, we can email a pdf copy for you. The IRIS Magazine, e-newletter and website can be used to publicise events eg. support group meetings and exchange ideas. The more families who join, the easier it will be to do this.

By joining the Register, you are helping to build up a picture of how many children across the city and county have disabilities, where they live and how old they are. This should allow the councils to plan services and spend resources more effectively. The councils can use the Register to consult families about changes to services and IRIS will feed back any comments you want to make on what works well and what doesn't.

My child attends a special school / has a social worker from the Disabled Children's Team. Doesn't that mean he is on the Register anyway?

No. Your child will only be on the Register if you have completed and signed the form. A doctor or social worker might give you the form, help you complete it and send it to us for you but they can't enter your child on the Register without your permission and signature.

Nottingham City Council Register

The Nottingham City Register is managed in-house but all people signing up to the register still have the opportunity to receive the IRIS magazine free of charge. If you live in Nottingham City visit this page to register your child

Will my personal details be safe with IRIS?

IRIS will keep your details on behalf of the Council. It may ask us to supply statistical data which does not identify any particular children and they can approve a request by other organisations eg. charities, voluntary groups for statistical data. No information which identifies an individual child or young person will be released except to people within the council and then only with the approval of the named person in each council responsible for data sharing and only for reasons listed in the Information Sharing Agreement.

How do I join?

Use the form below to express an interest in your child being included in the Children's Disability Register. Please note that completing this form does not automatically add you to the register. Instead, we will contact you with a registration form, a leaflet explaining how your information will be used and a freepost envelope. Alternatively if you are sure you wish to register you may want to download and print off the electronic copies of the leaflet and the form below and send them back to us.

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Download the registration form (pdf)