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The Explosive Child?

My son is not yet diagnosed, but having read the book "The explosive child"

he fits the bill - is there anyone else out there with a similar child? I am looking for support

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Son’s Anxiety Issues Affecting Schooling

I would like to talk to parents in the same situation as me. My son is 14 and had anxiety issues, he has not attended school since May 2012. This morning he said he really felt he could go to school but when it came to it he couldn't. Has anyone else been through or is going through a similar thing?

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Coping With Your Family’s View On Your Child’s Disability.

How do other families cope with their extended family in terms of their inability to accept and even ignore their child's disability / special needs?

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Birthday Party Ideas

My son turns 16 years old at the end of November and I wanted to know ideas and venues for a Birthday Party.  My son is autistic and he cant cope with the usual, balloons, clowns and busy places, he also likes lots of TV programmes that are for younger children but I want to try and give him a more age appropriate birthday party but one that he will still enjoy.  If you could help I would really appreciate it.

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