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Nottinghamshire County Council propose cuts to Inclusion Services

Nottinghamshire County Council is reviewing each and every service it provides to identify options to:

 - provide the service in a different way and for less money by working with other public, private and voluntary organisations
 - raise extra income by focusing on services that are well regarded and in demand.
 - cease some services which are provided by other organisations.

The proposals set out a reduction in support for children with special educational needs
and disabilities (SEND) in schools, alongside a realignment of targeted social care services
to disabled children in order to develop an integrated children's disability service (CDS), It is
envisaged that these changes will still enable the council to meet its statutory obligations.
It is proposed to:
1. Delete posts in Inclusion Support (5-19) and Inclusion Support (Early Years) Services, including specialist teachers and teaching assistants of deaf, visually impaired, learning disabled and autistic children
2. Delete posts within the Educational Psychology Service (EPS). From 2012/13 relocate the majority of the costs of the EPS in to the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG)
3. Delete posts within the Parent Partnership Service
4. Delete administative posts in SEND Strategic Services
5. Cease to subsidise SEND training opportunities for schools
6. Cease to provide free ICT equipment to schools for use by children with SEND
7. Realign short break providers under childrens disability service management structure
8. Integrate services for children with disability within Inclusion, Disability and Access
9. Review and remodel short break provision.
Currently across all Inclusion Services the staffing numbers will reduce by 56.6 full time members of staff.
Nottinghamshore County Council review proposals for Children and Young People’s Services will help the department to reinvest  £22 million over the next four years to pay for such things as:
- More children in specialist foster care placements £15 million
- More support to young carers £1.8 million
- More children’s social workers£3.3 million.
Overall the proposals for the department represent a net loss of £10 million -
We want to know your views!  How will these cuts affect you and your child? Currently, what difference do these services make in yours and your childs life? Are the positive changes?
Please tell us.
We will feedback all the comments collected through IRIS and send them through to the relevant people within Nottinghamshire County Council

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