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21st March 2018

A new inclusive group in Mansfield is bringing video gaming fans out of their bedrooms and into the light!

The “Game On” group aims to unite those with a passion for gaming in a friendly inclusive environment tailored to young adults with autism, a learning disability or mental ill health.

It takes place at 2pm every Wednesday at Megabites cafe in Mansfield’s Stockwell Gate, which features a range of gaming consoles as well as tables hosting vintage arcade classics.

The young people IRIS spoke to at the group said that the shared interest in games gives them a basis for starting conversations.

For Joseph,18, the group has reinvigorated his social life.

He said: “My dad told me about the group and I thought it sounded quite good... I like video games so I thought it would give me a good chance to head out because I don’t usually get the chance to get out that much.
“It’s not just about playing videogames as you can also have some tea and a cake and have a chat.
“I didn’t know anyone when I came but now I know pretty much everyone. I’ve made a lot of new friends”.

You’re welcome to just turn up but for more information about the group contact Rose on 0115 804 3301 or email