Blue Badges and Learning Disabilities: Have Your Say!

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5th February 2018

The government has launched a consultation into the national  Blue Badge Scheme aiming to address concerns regarding the regulations and guidance relating to learning disabilities.

Currently the scheme allows around 2.4 million people in England to access special parking concessions but the Department for Transport says that although the current roles embrace both physical and non-physical disabilities this is not always understood by local authorities.
To ensure this is looked at it is proposing a change to the wording so that:
• People scoring at least 12 points under the Personal Independence Payment mobility test of 'planning and following a journey' automatically qualify for a Blue Badge
• Changing the rules stating that councils can award a blue badge  to those who have difficulties in walking to also include those who cannot:
  1. Undertake any journey without there being a risk of very considerable harm to the health or safety of that person or any other person.
  2. Follow the route of any journey without another person, assistance animal or orientation aid.
If you agree with these changes or hold a viewpoint you wish to share with the government you can do until March 18th at