IMPORTANT - Please read if you still want to recieve the IRIS Magazine and Enewsletter

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23rd May 2018

Legislation regarding the processing of data means that it’s best practice for IRIS to get in touch and confirm you still want to receive our E-newsletter and Magazine. 

However in this case it’s a bit more complicated as from July IRIS will no longer be run by the charity Family Action – and will instead hand over the management of the project to Futures Advice, Skills and Employment, a local social enterprise.
Futures won a tender to manage both the IRIS project and Ask Us Nottinghamshire late last year so in future they will be the people managing your subscription to the Magazine and the E-newsletter.

What do I need to do? 

For your magazine subscription and your data held in the Register of Disabled Children we will be covering what to do in an article in the next IRIS magazine, which will be posted to you or emailed to you as usual in late June. 
For the E-newsletter if you’d like to be added to Futures’ new mailing list you should visit and sign up there or contact their freephone number 0800 1217772 to discuss it further.
Please note that if you do not do so you will not receive the e-newsletter in future.