Meeting Worries? NPCF Have It Covered

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31st July 2017

When over 100 parents got together at Nottinghamshire Parent Carers Forum (NPCF) last month one topic was on their lips more than any other… meetings!

In a session called "Speak Up and Speak Out" speaker Katie Clarke (pictured) led the attendees in a discussion where they shared their experiences of attending meetings with professionals regarding their children and, most importantly, their tips for how to make them run more smoothly.

This session at the conference at the Salvation Army building in Balderton, Newark on 7th July went so well that NPCF asked IRIS to publish the results as an easy to read guide for our readers – and so we have! a

It takes the form of a series of top tips for before, during and after the meetings and is based upon the real experiences of other parents just like you.

You can download the document here.

If you would like to find out more about the work NPCF does and how to get involved visit or email [email protected]