The Perfect Pair of Pants!

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29th October 2018

Positive Pants are designed to empower children and increase their feelings of confidence and security throughout the day.

Designer and driving force behind the idea, Claire Clements, has battled both physical and mental illnesses throughout her teenage and adult life and wants to give children – and their parents – a way to combat the anxieties, fears and problem that everyday life can bring.

Claire had the idea for Positive pants in 2017.

Inspired by the phrase “Put on your positive pants” she set about securing a trademark and designing motifs for children to have their very own – and very literal – positive pants.

Currently, the pants are available with two designs – a dinosaur proclaiming “I am brave” and an “I can do it!” unicorn.

Positive Pants help children to feel more secure and give them a confidence boost against their fears and anxieties. As pants are such a private thing, children can use the pants as an anchor object – much like a security blanket or teddy – but without feeling as though everybody knows about it.

Despite only being around for a few months, Positive Pants has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, with many parents telling Claire that the pants have helped children to feel more confident in a range of situations – from taking tests to going away overnight or just dealing with everyday worries. This success has led to the introduction of mugs and t-shirts, which are loved by children and adults alike.

Spreading the positivity even further, Claire runs Positivity Board workshops, where children can use their creativity to design vision boards, which visualise their ambitions and goals.

Claire’s book ‘Putting on your Positive Pants will be published soon, and, in good news for parents, adult sizes of positive Pants will be available in time for Christmas!

Find out more and get in touch with Claire on her website: