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8th September 2017

Phab Nottingham’s first weekend residential trip to the Lake District this summer was a memorable time for all involved.

Volunteers from the charity told IRIS that members overcame a range of personal challenges including their first night away from their family home, scaling a rock climbing wall (despite being afraid of heights!) and developing friendships when people have perhaps struggled in the past.

What really made the weekend memorable however, was some very individual entertainment – whether that was crooner Joseph serenading everyone with Beauty and the Beast tunes, Marshall donning his favourite tutu for the group disco or Bethany and Jasmine inventing their own game of bowling!

Trustee Danielle Avital said: “One of the young people announced "I have made so many best friends" at the end of the weekend… that really made me smile!”

Danielle says Phab Nottingham hope to host another Residential in 2018 but in the meantime will be back to running their usual Sunday events from next month.

Phab Nottingham is a local charity supporting fully inclusive social activities and days out for children and young adults of all disabilities between ages 13 and 18.

If you or your child is interested in attending one of the Phab Nottingham events then please contact Clara Wan at [email protected]