The Local Offer

The Children and Families Act 2014 required councils across the county to create a new online directory of services available for people with special needs, called the “Local Offer”. In both the city and the county the Local Offer websites pull together details of special needs services in education, health and social care in one place. They are a one-stop shop for everything parents or carers need to know and every Special Educational Needs service they  might need to access.

IRIS works closely with both councils to ensure that there are up to date listings and news on both websites. By visiting the website in either the city or county and clicking on the different options, there is a huge range of information on:

  1. Health, such as doctors, nurses and therapists
  2. Education, such as schools, playgroups and support services
  3. Social Care
  4. Jobs and training
  5. Activities and entertainment
  6. Travel and transport

There’s also information for young people with Special Educational Needs aged up to 25 to help their transition to adulthood through further education and training.

Visit Nottingham City Council's Local Offer

Visit Nottinghamshire County Council's Website